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Our Healthcare Agenda: ​Putting Patients First

From access to life-saving treatments, to helping people care for aging parents or ill loved ones, to modernizing the drug approval process -- take a look at some of the health care reforms we’ve passed.

​​​​Terminally ill patients should be able to access treatments that could potentially prolong -- or save -- their lives. That’s why we passed, and the President signed, the Right to Try Act of 2018.

The 21st Century Cures Act streamlines regulation and increases funding to speed up the development of life-saving drugs; reform our mental health system; provide resources to battle the opioid crisis; and help those struggling with addiction.

With the Raise Family Caregivers Act we want to support the more than 40 million family members making countless personal and financial sacrifices to care for their aging or disabled loved ones.

To address the opioid epidemic, we have passed more than 50 pieces of legislation to combat this growing crisis nationwide through treatment, prevention, and giving law enforcement the tools they need.

Lawmakers are not above the law. Not in America. That’s why we’ve voted to ensure that any changes to the health care law also apply to members of Congress and their staffs.

There’s much more to be done in the ongoing process of health care reform -- to promote wellness, develop treatments, and make quality care accessible and affordable.

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